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 I am a wide achiever.
I am a visual artist, a musician, a builder, a permaculture gardener, father of 5 fantastic children and captain of the local bush fire brigade.
My creativity wanders in and out various mediums and approaches. I suppose I could set up various accounts under different guises to make out that each one is a singularly focused and disciplined individual but I’m not. I’m human.
Over the past ten years i have been attempting to bring my visual art into line with my song writing and cartoons. My song writing has always been about being as honest as possible with myself and it is this element in particular that I have been attempting to transfer into my visual artwork.
The majority of  my artworks have focused on the natural environment in the the area where I live, Northcliffe in the SW of Australia. As a part of trying to be honest and reflect or create artworks from my direct experience i have produced projects such as the recent “Hammered!” collection. Having spent numerous years supplementing my income by building kitchens, verandahs etc i have allowed myself to make artworks that draw from that experience.

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