beautiful work detail,

Beautiful Work, Detail.




beautiful work,

Beautiful Work : Hammers, nails, Wandoo timber

I have spent many an hour on the hammer. The other job that pays for the habit that is visual art. I confess to enjoying the transformation of these hammers, a symbol of the pragmatic. Balancing them out with a little bit of beauty.



Love your work .

Love your Work : Hammers, nails, Wandoo and Marri timber



                               love your work 3


Love your work  :  Hammer and nails, stainless steel rod and wandoo timber

The perfectly useless tool. part hammer part banksia flower.



hindsight hammer,


Hindsight Hammer : various timbers, hammer

Over the years i have allowed myself to write the occasional song with humour and this exhibition, Hammered! was a time for me to let myself make some sculptures with very Australian humour. This particular one is one of a group of hammers folding back on themselves, looking backwards. Completely ineffective in the now because their focus is on yesterday.


g g jack    g g jack 2



Great Grandfather Jack : books, wooden handle, nails and jarrah timber

This artwork was made at the same time as my song of the same name was written. It tells the story, owns the history, of my great grandfather and his part in the massacre of Indigenous Australians from a location near Kununarra in the 1880’s. He held the horses as part of a group that shot down five . The song and artwork are a reflection of our family coming to terms with this recently re-discovered knowledge.

I have recently recorded a version of song of the same name, as this sculpture, with Kevin Jones and Dave Mann in Dave’s Margaret River studio. You can listen to it below.


the wordsmith             The wordsmith 2


The Wordsmith  :  Books, wooden handle, archival pen and acrylic

This hammer was made around the time that my song titled “University” was written. A friend, who studied film and television, and i were digging holes and wielding the hammer. We had a laugh or you might cry moment about the jobs that we, as artists endure. A slightly cynical perspective on studying at university to end up as a labourer, or a barista or working at a servo.

You can hear the song that accompanies this artwork below. This version was recorded with the help of Dave Mann. Performed by myself and my good friend Kevin Jones.


lyrical mallet


The Lyrical Mallet  :  Books, mallet handle, nails , screws



Living Hammer



Living Hammer : Carved hammer, acrylic, jarrah, blackbutt, wandoo timber

The hammer as a tool, a symbol, is full of latent, potential energy. I’ve carved the handle of this hammer to evoke this energy.





The Persuader : Acrylic on a timber drawer side.

This painting from a few years ago was the beginning of this project. I picked up a timber cupboard drawer off the curb from a Perth roadside throw out. A little bit of reverse Ikea with the persuader and the drawer was a couple of pieces of timber. I then painted the Persuader onto the panel.



nailed it detail 2

Nailed It : Steel flower spike, old hammer

Like a butterfly specimen pinned to a board this relic hammer has been nailed. Beauty has tipped the scales just a little bit in its favour.



what do you do ,hammerhead


“What do you do? , Hammerhead” welded steel and hammers. Work in progress.


gallery view 5


Hammered!  :  A collection of hammers and remnants of timber with various histories.

Hammered! detail nail gun     Hammered! detail 6

hammered detail 5                                 Hammered! detail2

Top left clockwise,  The nail gun: Not a hammer :A hindsight hammer: The diplomat and the overqualified


wooden skin 1

Wooden Skin  :  River Banksia, pine , acrylic

The hammers have lead my onto the obvious. House images. In this case relief wall works that play with perspective and surface.




framework 3 pshop

Framework : Reclaimed pine

Here the relief nature is a little easier to see. At its deepest the house is 100mm deep and on the edge it reduces down to about 20mm.


new house, old site,

New House, Old Site  :   Reclaimed pine

There was a penny in the wall frames and a hammer in the ceiling. We packed up all the stories until only the brick chimney stood, waiting.

One of the jobs i have done in the last five years was to help pull down an old house in town in preparation for a new one to be built. At the end of the job  i had a container full of “useless” objects. Small memories of the life in the house that was. A broken shard of pottery, a world war 2 figurine, a bullet casing, a padlock opened by a boltcutter and a few small pieces of flooring salvaged from the beaches of windy harbour after the shipwreck in the 40’s.